Eco Smoker is an ashtray for indoor and outdoor installation with a simple design that also indicates the smoking area. A metal housing with a water tank at the bottom ensures the installation location from potential fire and odor.
Easy installation and aintenance Quality materials resistant to all weather conditions Design of an ashtray that clearly indicates the intended purpose of the installation site Water tank in the service of fire protection, odor and maintenance of stability of the complete installation Possibility of additional fixing for the substrate to prevent theft or rollover Dimensions 101×40 cm Another innovative and very interesting item from our range. Namely, it is a functional and visually attractive ashtray called ˝ Eco smoker ˝. The ashtray is freestanding and very lightweight and can bee easily moved or put in any place suitable for smokers. In this way, you keep the environment clean and keep it clean
and avoid putting the cigarette butts in the wrong places. Eco-smoker is a safe protection against an outbreak of unintended fire due to an unlit cigarette.