Technical specification:
-Wheels and axle for towing a mobile home
-Hot-dip galvanized metal chassis
-Protection against the penetration of rodents and insects
-Floor insulation panel
-Walls made of wooden load-bearing structure coated on both sides with Fermacell gypsum fiber boards
-Filling the walls with mineral wool and steam brake
-Flat roof grille covered with gypsum fiber boards, calculated durability for snow and wind loads
-Roof insulation with mineral wool, vapor barrier and foil protection
-Sheet metal cover with pur insulation
-Joinery: PVC, 2 glasses, 5 chambers, color: white/anthracite
-Electrical installation completed with complete distribution, indented antenna installation, indoor and outdoor lighting
-Plumbing installed, connected and ready for end use
-Bathroom- fully furnished with all necessary standard toilets and vinyl waterproof flooring
-Laminate flooring
-Veneered room doors
Wall interior: -Wood paneling / PVC coating
Ceiling system: -Wood paneling / PVC coating
Facade system: -Wood paneling / PVC coating / Aluminium polyurethane coating
Additional equipment:
-Blinds: mechanical/electric
-Mosquito nets
-Sheet metal cover filled with larger pur insulation
-Air conditioner
-Furniture from the standard offer
-Household electric appliances
-Decorative household accessories
-LCD TV with associated wall mount